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Partnering with Jane to help you get the most out of your practices day to day.

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Your clinic’s first impression is crucial to your growth because it establishes trust with your clients. We want to partner with you to strengthen that trust by creating an amazing customer experience that results in more bookings and a better work-life balance.


How Smiledog and Jane work together



Jane is your clinic management software helping you run your entire clinic online.







While Jane helps you manage everything online. Smiledog puts back the human touch into your clinic by giving you a full customer service team that is fully trained in using Jane.

Live Phone Support

Appointment Scheduling

Rescheduling, cancellations and payments

Start increasing your booking opportunities and get some of your day back.

Start growing your clinic today!

How Smiledog Works

1. Answering

Smiledog always answers your calls live. We set your account up with a custom call forwarding number and all you need to do is redirect your clinic line to us. Our professionally trained team of receptionists are always ready to answer with a smile and take care of your patients.

2. Scheduling

Your bookings are done live when your patients call. We have direct access to your Jane software via a unique login that you create for us. We will help you schedule all of your patients as well as handle cancellations, rescheduling and waitlist management. Did we mention, we do call outs too!

3. Growth

We want to help you grow your practice by always ensuring you have a friendly and welcoming voice greeting your clients. Whether they need to book an appointment, have a few questions or need some directions to your clinic. We will make sure they are always taken care of.

Let us help you get your day back!

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